Buzztime: The Perfect Mix of Fun and Functionality

Buzztime’s restaurant tablets, bar tablets, and hospitality tablets expertly blend engaging, interactive entertainment, seamless and powerful marketing, and secure, convenient digital menu and payment functionality (pay at the table) to create a singular unrivaled dining out experience.

  • Bring in Buzztime tablets and watch customers start playing their way to bigger checks. 62% spend more money on food and drinks* and check averages increase by $5 per player session.
  • 74% of Buzztime players Recommend Buzztime locations to their friends. Buzztime provides entertainment with Digital Trivia, Cards and Arcade games while expanding tablet functionality to provide added customer support for our locations. Join Buzztime’s network of nearly 3,000 locations and sign up for Buzztime today!
  • Regulars are a good thing. Especially when they’re spend-happy Buzztime players. 56% of Buzztime players visit more often.
  • Players preset preferences and interests allow targeted promotional pushes and event notifications to engage customers in a genuine way.
  • The table-side ordering system encourages additional rounds of appetizers and drinks, and makes upselling menu items incredibly simple.

With digital payment customers are in control, empowering your location to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Boost Sales, Engage Your Customers, And Drive Traffic On Slow Nights

Put your patrons in control and ensure they get the most out of every visit with Buzztime’s built-in self-service dining and payment options. With all of the interactive dining functionality they need in the palm of their hand, customers are free to enjoy your venue without interruption and fully engage in the world of possibilities offered through Buzztime. Whether they’re ordering another round of drinks during overtime or getting their favorite entrée cooked their way, customers have a better dining experience with the digital menu and the seamless payment options on our tabletop platform.

Buzztime keeps customers engaged in competitive, social fun and provides a unique niche for your location, so they come back frequently and stay longer. With nine million registered players nationwide and one hundred fifteen million games played last year, Buzztime is the solution that boosts your bottom line. Raise your sales and fill your bar or restaurant to capacity, even on slow nights. Boost table turnover with automated payment and digital dining. It’s time to get serious about fun and functionality with Buzztime.