Netsurion - PCI Compliance and Data Security Solutions

Enterprise-strength managed network security, Wi-Fi and PCI compliance monitored 24/7/365 for merchants of any size and market.

Netsurion is a leading provider of remotely managed IT security services that protect multi-location businesses’ data, payment systems information, customer credit card data, and on premise public and private Wi-Fi networks from data breaches and other risks posed by hackers.

Netsurion’s patented remote installation technology and PCI compliant cloud-based solutions simplify the implementation process and ongoing management. Any sized branch or remote office, franchise or sole proprietor operation can use Netsurion without the costs of onsite IT support. Netsurion has been providing network security services for over 25 years, and today we secure locations for many national chains as well as regional and local establishments; we serve the grocer/convenience store, hospitality, retail, and healthcare sectors.

Grocery stores often have some of the most complex network structures of any retail environment. Multiple checkout lanes, remotely accessible camera systems, numerous vendors with online order entry, remotely monitored temperature control units, and more. No matter how big or how small your operation, hackers see you as a target. Every tunnel into your network, be it remote access, a remotely viewable appliance or camera system, direct connection to a vendor, or even the open channel for employee internet use becomes a potential window for hackers to infiltrate and compromise your network.

Restaurants are increasingly vulnerable as more and more digital solutions are implemented. Criminals see small businesses, restaurants in particular, as easy targets for payment system data breaches. This is due in large part to the challenge of managing security among multiple locations, the "it won't happen to me" mindset of many owner-operators, and the proliferation of digital entry points; Wi-Fi, security cameras, digital menu boards, and of course, point-of-sale systems. Thousands of restaurants have trusted Netsurion to manage their network security. From single unit locations to multi-unit national chains, Netsurion’s managed firewall, wireless and PCI compliance solutions can be tailored to fit your needs.

In an industry where margins are critical and the cost of doing business can make or break a small retail store, it is critical to have a strong security solution at a price that fit’s your business needs. Unfortunately, retail point-of-sale terminals have been a common target for data thieves. In a market where brand reputation is important in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is vital that you make sure your brand is protected. Netsurion will protect your network and your brand with a powerful yet affordable managed security solution, allowing you to focus on gaining critical market share and growing your business.

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