NCR Counterpoint Hardware

NCR hardware helps retailers of all sizes optimize store operations. Although not required to use NCR Counterpoint POS, our POS terminals help your staff deliver exceptional service with graphical touchscreens and transactions displays.

Accelerating Speed of Service

Our integrated POS solution makes processing sales easy and efficient. Employees ring tickets and enter orders more swiftly and accurately, while graphical displays, multiple payment options and lightning-fast credit card authorizations speed up customer checkout.

NCR Counterpoint Point of Sale

Protecting Operational Performance

With their rugged design, NCR’s retail hardware solutions are built to withstand continuous usage, as well as spills, dirt, grease and other substances. Rest assured that our tools will deliver as expected, maintaining business stability in a high performance environment.

Delivering on our Service Promise

You are covered by one of the top warranties in the business. If any component of your retail solution malfunctions, an entirely new unit will be shipped to you as quickly as four hours later. We aim to get your equipment to you as fast as possible to minimize system downtime and eliminating the possibility of a repeat failure.

Selling Anywhere

Our mobile sales tools, including POS terminals and sleds for iPhones and iPod touches, enable you to deliver superior service and sales in stores, kiosks and outdoor environments. Serve customers where they are – answering questions, busting lines and capturing additional business.

Use interactive transaction and graphical receipt displays to promote products and special offers, cross-selling and up-selling customers at the point of sale.

Add Key Peripherals

To serve as the single point of accountability for a complete hardware solution, NCR partners with the leading peripherals providers in the industry. NCR works with our customers to identify all components of the solution and then sources, certifies, delivers, and supports the integrated system.