Grocery Store and Supermarket POS System Hardware and Software

Grocery Store POS System

Retail Data Systems is the premier provider of Grocery Store POS and Supermarket Point of Sale (POS) Systems to the Independent Grocery market. RDS sells, services and supports a complete line of grocery POS Systems and related products including Self-Checkout Systems, Contactless Payment, Online Ordering, Direct Store Delivery, Wireless Handhelds and Corporate Host solutions. In addition, RDS provides best in class grocery store Scanning, Security, and Deli/Meat Department Scales. Our Payment Services division also provides competitive credit card processing rates for our customers. 

Unique to Retail Data Systems is the ability to provide our customer a one-call support solution for all of their store technology needs. We provide all grocery and supermarket customers 24/7 nationwide support that is backed by our local service teams at our locations across the United States.

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Grocery Store & Supermarket POS System Solutions

Grocery Store POS Hardware & Software

RDS has partnered with the best of breed grocery and supermarket POS system technology providers to provide solutions that today's grocery shoppers expect. These partnerships allow us sell and support multiple POS systems and provide grocers a customized solution depending on their needs. Learn more about the products we sell and support below.

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Grocery Store Back Office and Mobile Reporting Software - S4 Retail Solutions

S4Vision - Grocery Store Operations Assistant

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets with modern Grocery Point of Sale systems are data rich, but managers too often can’t access those riches productively. Data is useless if it doesn’t help you make meaningful decisions in a timely manner. S4Vision is an extension of our S4Insight transaction processing data service that gives you access to real-time reporting and analytics right in the browser on your desktop, tablet or phone!

  • Know in real-time what needs immediate attention
  • Examine how your product mix is performing with easy to see trends and metrics
  • S4Vision can provide you a list of cashiers that are currently exposing you to unnecessary risks
  • See how S4Vision Self-Checkout metrics can help increase your labor savings more rapidly
Grocery POS Inventory Mobile App

S4 Exchange - Two way Grocery POS System data integration for eCommerce

Incorporate the growing demand for online shopping into your business with S4 eXchange. S4 eXchange keeps your store financial processes, including scan data programs, in sync and provides you with identifiable reporting to help you measure omni channel forms of shopping. Delivery, Scan and Go, and Curbside Pickup are all options S4 eXchange can integrate your POS System with your eCommerce platform.

S4 Grocery Back Office Software

Compliment your Grocery POS System with a reliable and comprehensive Grocery Back Office software. Address critical retail management tasks and make profitable descisions for your store. S4 Back Office is easy to use and provides with over 100 features to accomplish more in less time.

Grocery and Supermarket POS System Dealer Service - Nationwide Support Coverage

24/7 Support for EVERY Customer - Weekends, Nights, and Holidays!

Retail Data Systems is the largest provider of Point of Sale System Hardware and Software in North America. Founded in 1950, RDS now operates over 30 offices serving customers across the nation providing complete Point of Sale System technology. Contact your local office today to get started with RDS, The Authority in POS.