Digital Menu Boards

Digital Outdoor Menu Boards from RDS

Modernize the order confirmation experience in the drive-thru

Outdoor Drive-Thru is integral to the success of your Quick Service Restaurant. This is magnified as the industry moves to multiple drive-thru lanes, multiple fulfillment models, and an increased reliance on drivethru to lead comp store sales. RDS Digital Menu Boards provide a key solution in the move to modernize the QSR drive-thru experience.

The RDS Digital Order Confirmation Boards have no limitations on the number of independently controlled displays, are available in portrait or landscape, in sizes up to 55”, and resolutions up to 4K. With new digital menu content, restaurants can reinforce their brand and provide offers that attract customers to buy higher-margin items and recommend upsells. The solution is not limited to drive-thru, available for any customer-facing digital touchpoint, with or without order confirmation, indoors or outdoors.

RDS offers three implementations of Drive-Thru Digital Menu Boards:

  • New Stores or Retrofit – RDS manufactures and sells a proprietary 17” OCB designed to fit in most pedestal and canopy enclosures utilized by the competition today. RDS also sells a standalone “tombstone” enclosure. This provides a full digital alternative to the competition and replacement option for displays which fail or are no longer supported without having to build a new enclosure. All that is required is a CAT6 cable run and Power over Ethernet.
  • Outdoor Digital Panel – Full screen digital displays systems, up to 55” digital panel with 4K resolution, mounted to the canopy or a stand-alone pedestal. Provides multiple layouts with full motion video.
  • Digital Menu Board Enablement – Integrate the RDS Digital Order Confirmation controller into an existing third-party outdoor digital menu board which today only shows static menu content and media.
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Drive-Thru Boards for Fast Food Restaurants

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  •   Support for multiple POS platforms, requires POS SW configuration
  •   Powered by Linux Raspbian-based controller reducing PCI scope
  •   On-premises solution provides fault tolerance when internet is unavailable
  •   6 standard layouts in portrait and landscape, fully customizable layouts with consulting engagement
  •   Integration of 3rd party API calls for managing specials, content, and messaging
  •   Customizable virtual receipt – font style, size, colors, messaging
  •   In most cases no modifications to existing cabling for retrofits

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