Third Party Digital Order Confirmation Displays

Order Confirmation Boards

Accuview QSR and Drive-Thru Technology

The AccuVIEW Order Confirmation Board (OCB) helps prevent costly drive-thru errors. By showing your customers their order, with a running total, you can avoid the common mistakes at the window that cost you money.

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Techknow OCS-300 Drive-Thru Order Confirmation System

The Techknow OCS-300 Drive-Thru Order Confirmation System is the only system in the industry to use a 17 inch liquid crystal display. This unique feature allows the OCS-300 to display up to 25 lines of text without scrolling.

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Delphi Order Confirmation System

Errors in the drive-thru can eat your profits and leave a bad taste in a customer's mouth. In fact, research shows that 79% of customers strongly prefer restaurants with an Order Confirmation System (OCS), and are 63% more likely to go to a restaurant with an OCS versus one without.

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