Maitre'd POS

Maitre’D POS Systems for Quick Service Restaurants

Maitre’D counts thousands of Quick Service Restaurant customers among its customer database. Many quick service restaurants, donut shops and pizza places are finding the benefits of our software solutions, regardless of the nature of their operations, be it delivery, take-out, dine-in, or all of the above! More importantly, our customers can enjoy their Maitre’D systems for years and years ahead, since we constantly invest in our POS solutions and integrate the latest technologies.

Make your POS system yours

To help better meet specific operational needs, decrease training costs and increase efficiency, Maitre’D offers flexible configuration of screens and screen flow. In other words, the flexible configuration of our POS systems can help to empower your staff with more speed. Also, since Maitre’D offers a multitude of peripheral interfaces, you can add virtually any peripheral device or solution to your system for additional control and efficiency, such as scales, coin dispensers, a kitchen video system, drive-thru order confirmation board and even a camera surveillance system.

Exceed your customers’ expectations

Maitre’D offers many features that will help you give your clients exactly what they want: outstanding service. For instance, to help ensure the accuracy of order taking, unlimited order modifiers are available to your staff to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Automatic combo detection helps guarantee that your staff is giving your patrons the best possible value.

  • Packing screen summary for carry-out orders will improve efficiency at the take-out level
  • The Handheld POS solution allows your staff to bust line-ups and drive-thru lines and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Configurable fast close tender keys ($5.00, $20.00, or promotions) will allow cashiers to quickly close transactions with the touch of a button
  • Food preparation forecasting functions will help you better manage menu items that require longer preparation times
  • Maitre’D supports multiple-drive thru lanes to help increase the speed of service
  • Built-in redundancy will not only prevent potential headaches and disasters but will also allow your staff to continue serving your clients since your business will not experience any down time
  • Manager workstation functions and Auxiliary Back-Office access allows managers to stay on the floor at busy periods

Discover business intelligence

With hundreds of reports and the option to customize or create your own reports, there is no limit to the availability of knowledge on your operations.

  • Speed of service reports will help you measure the performance of your staff
  • Reports on voids, discounts and promotions
  • Search functions allow you to drill down to any specific event with a multitude of search filters
  • Real-time offsite reporting via Internet through the DataBoard solution
  • Customized reports lists will give you direct access to a list of reports that you need on a regular basis
  • Automatic end-of-day process
  • Centralize menu management at the corporate level with Maitre’D e-Global to ensure quality standards are met in all locations

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