Secure Edge Networking

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Secure Edge Networking

All-in-one networking, security, resilience, and compliance platform for distributed businesses.


Multi-layer security controls and monitoring


Automatic cellular failover and Quality-of-Service control


Rapid plug-and-play deployment and cloud orchestration


Streamlined PCI DSS toolset, reporting, and support

BranchSDO™ Managed Edge Networking

BranchSDO, Netsurion’s flagship edge networking platform, enables multi-location enterprises to maintain a strong security posture, resilient connectivity, command and control of all locations, and the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing technology needs. BranchSDO combines a multi-function edge device, cloud orchestration, and a 24/7 network operations center (NOC) to deliver security, cellular failover, Wi-Fi, and PCI DSS compliance support to all branch locations.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Consolidate technology, streamline PCI DSS compliance, and improve management efficiency.

Increase Security and Scalability

Gain better visibility, improve threat prevention and detection, and deploy sites rapidly.​​

Unmatched Scalability and Simplicity

Future-proof your cybersecurity with Netsurion’s managed platform approach consisting of a powerful platform at the core, additional managed security controls consumed as a service, and the support of a fully-staffed NOC and SOC.

BranchSDO Platform Capabilities

Network Operations Center (NOC)
A team of experts monitoring your network and delivering both security and agility.

Secure SD-WAN
Greater command and control of all your branch locations’ networks with embedded cybersecurity.

Network Segmentation
Custom network architecture, proper segmentation, and VPN to protect mission-critical network traffic.

Network Threat Response
Next-level threat protection for all your business locations, backed by Netsurion’s security operations centers.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Continuously monitored firewall protection with multiple layers of defense.

Cellular Failover
Ensure business continuity and resilience with built-in automatic failover, multiple carrier options, and data pooling.

Wi-Fi Management
Extend network connectivity at all business locations easily and securely with integrated Wi-Fi and access point meshing.

PCI DSS Compliance
Simplify compliance management with a full suite of tools, scanning, templates and expert support.

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