Cegid Retail POS

Cegid Retail Point of Sale System

Your customers expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels. Yourcegid Retail connects all customer touchpoints and streamlines operations.

Cegid omnichannel POS In-store, omnichannel POS solution

Optimize sales performance by allowing customers to finish an online purchase or reserve an out-of-stock item in-store, and much more.

Cegid omnicommerce Omnicommerce

Yourcegid Retail can manage all your customer interactions, no matter when, where or on what device they occur to deliver a connected customer experience.

Cegid Merchandise Merchandise Management

Merchandising insight is critical to meeting customer demands across all channels, and to create a seamless shopping experience.

Cegid Cloud Cloud & On Demand

To future-proof your business, Yourcegid Retail is available in the cloud or On Demand (SaaS). It’s a secure, cost-effective way to evolve with your business.

Cegid Inventory Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of omnichannel retail’s greatest challenges; accurate allocation and replenishment is critical to customer satisfaction.

Cegid Mobile Mobile

One of the biggest recent shifts in consumer behavior is mobile commerce. This shift has introduced a new, hyper-connected consumer who demands a personal shopping experience.

Cegid Loyalty Clienteling, CRM & Loyalty

Yourcegid Retail Mobile Clienteling empowers your in-store associates with advanced customer insight so they can provide personalized service to your customers, increase loyalty, and deliver a brand experience.

Cegid POS Management POS & Store Management

For today’s hyper-connected consumers, it’s a necessity for retailers to digitize their stores and unite offline and online encounters to deliver the ultimate brand experience.

Cegid Analytics Analytics & Data Intelligence

Transform your data and make more informed decisions. Yourcegid Retail Intelligence captures and consolidates your key retail data and presents it in a visual way so you can make sense of it all.

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About RDS

Retail Data Systems is the largest provider of Point Of Sale Hardware and Software, in North America. Founded in 1950, RDS now operates over 30 offices serving customers across the nation providing complete Point Of Sale technology. Our team of over 500 professionals assure our customers of the best 24/7/365 service available. Our list of industry leading POS hardware and software products provide a variety of solutions for companies large and small.

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