Retail Peripherals

NCR Retail POS Peripherals

NCR’s record of innovation in Grocery POS equipment and its devotion to keeping you ahead of competition are embodied in the entire line of NCR RealPOS Grocery Peripherals.

RDS and NCR offer Grocery POS equipment designed to give you confidence that your investment will meet the expectations of you and your customers. With every touchpoint and every transaction, NCR RealPOS Peripherals provide you with maximum investment protection.

Explore how these leading solutions are designed to excel in the harsh retail environments you face every day.

NCR RealPOS Grocery Cash Drawers

The right POS cash drawer can complete your point-of-sale solution, delivering security and efficiency to your store. Designed for a variety of retail environments and regional specifications, the NCR RealPOS™ Cash Drawer provides a secure component of your POS solution.

Grocery Cash Drawer

  • Fully certified and supported by all NCR RealPOS platforms in size, color and functionality.
  • Multiple tills, configurations and colors available depending on the region of the world and the check stand environment.

NCR RealPOS Dynakey

Designed in conjunction with NCR Human Factors Engineers, the NCR RealPOS™ DynaKey offers a proven POS display design that helps store employees feel more confident during the checkout process. The unique POS display allows them to focus on customer interaction while minimizing mistakes.

A unique operator POS terminal interface, the NCR RealPOS DynaKey can dramatically shorten training time for new employees, while increasing experienced user productivity.

DynaKey POS

  • Easy for users to confidently learn and become proficient at operating.
  • A POS display that leads employees through easy-to-use, ATM-like interactions.
  • Designed to work how employees think, instead of training employees to think like a computer.
  • Design combines a high resolution, 12.1" color LCD with thirty-five keys including: eight dynamic keys, POS function keys, a numeric keypad and receipt scrolling keys.
  • Newest generation leverages Powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connections.

NCR RealPOS Displays

NCR offers a line of Supermarket POS screen displays for the operator and customer. POS screen displays are an important compliment to NCR’s line of POS terminals.

NCR RealPOS™ Displays are designed and engineered for maximum readability with ergonomic design for ease of use and space efficiency.

NCR RealPOS Displays

Attractive displays

The NCR RealPOS Displays offer attractive, yet unobtrusive, packaging for every retail establishment. The POS screen displays also simplify operator functions by supporting applications that use extensive lead-through instructions and graphical user interfaces such as icons.

Built tough for retail

The rigorous, real-world retail environment puts strain on displays that run with non-stop operation and a daily average of five or more employees tapping, punching and leaning on the equipment. With quality and reliability in mind, the NCR RealPOS Displays undergo comprehensive environmental and compatibility testing.

NCR RealPOS Keyboards

NCR offers a POS keyboard product line to complement each NCR POS terminal.

Supermarket Cash Drawer

A POS keyboard for every environment

The NCR RealPOS™ keyboard family features a variety of sizes, layouts and optional features to fit any environment. Whether you need a traditional POS keyboard layout, an alphanumeric style, or both, NCR has a keyboard to meet your needs.

Built and designed for retail

Designed for grueling non-stop retail environments, NCR RealPOS Keyboards include a variety of features to enhance functionality and protect your POS Terminal.