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NCR Sticky Media

Save time and money with a receipt that sticks

NCR Sticky Media is thermal receipt paper on the front with adhesive on the back that prints using a modified point of sale (POS) printer. NCR Sticky Media prints and performs like a standard receipt but offers a special adhesive, so you can quickly and easily post it on the product or package. NCR Sticky Media saves you time, money and waste associated with printing a receipt and a label. NCR Sticky Media is easy to use and improves operational efficiency.

Improve operating efficiency, resulting in more satisfied customers

Today’s customers insist on quick and accurate service during transactions, such as order fulfillment. NCR’s Sticky Media solution improves the speed at which your staff can print a receipt and place it on the corresponding product by an average of 30 percent. This innovative solution reduces the need for multiple printed items and eliminates the hassle associated with traditional label liners. Because products are easily labeled and clearly marked, order accuracy is also increased, reducing costly errors. These process benefits lead to an enhanced customer experience that builds both growth and loyalty.

Enhance printer performance with unique design

With NCR Sticky Media zoned adhesive technology, the printer never cuts through adhesive, thus reducing printer jams caused by other fully coated or striped adhesive products. NCR Sticky Media is resistant to oil and grease and will not turn black in a heated environment. NCR’s Sticky Media solution seamlessly integrates into your current operations, requiring no special software, and eliminating the need for multiple receipt and label products. NCR Sticky Media is easy to use and maximizes the performance and lifespan of your POS printers.

Lower costs and improve revenue

NCR Sticky Media eliminates traditional label liners. This means more labels can be placed on a roll, decreasing costs associated with roll changes, storage space and shipping. NCR has business impact models to illustrate how these savings, combined with increased order accuracy and output, can improve your costs and revenue. Let NCR show you how NCR Sticky Media solutions can provide a positive impact to your bottom line.

Tailor output to maximize the benefit to your company

NCR can offer customized solutions to meet the needs of your specific applications and processes. NCR’s consultants and engineers can tailor NCR Sticky Media to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations. Custom features include preprinting a name or logo in color and adjusting the adhesive levels and roll length to meet your needs.

Improve your environmental impact

NCR Sticky Media features no label liner and, eliminates the need to produce both a label and a receipt. This significantly reduces the amount of paper waste that annually goes into landfills. Also, less energy is consumed during the production and distribution of NCR Sticky Media, resulting in a positive environmental impact.

Key Features:

  • Receipt and label combined
  • No label liner to discard
  • Drop-in printer loading
  • Label core made from 100% recycled stock
  • Customizable to suit your operations
  • Food safe

What RDS Customers Say

  • Any time we call RDS we get an answer right away. If the stores are having an issue it is corrected very quickly, usually within minutes…. sometimes it is hard with other vendors, to even get an answer, let alone a timely one.

    Carter MillerPartner with Bentley-Miller Arby’s 22 Store Franchise Group - Nebraska

  • RDS works hand in hand with our back office system and I can't imagine not having RDS for our cash registers. For Instance, if we lose internet connection, we can still process credit cards off-line so it doesn't affect sales and customer service. Any time there is a problem that we need to communicate right away, we are able to use after -hours support by calling. We always get a response right away.

    Helen Daigle Owner with Daigle Arby’s Franchise Group - Louisiana

  • My team at Arby's CNN center recently had the privilege of working with two outstanding POS system installers/trainers from the RDS office in Iowa. Both Greg Becker and Jamie Walker were true professionals and accomplished the job in a timely fashion and to our satisfaction. They were both outstanding and very helpful in bringing the team up to speed on the new system even after the initial install. These days it is hard to find people who truly stand behind their product after the initial sale is completed. I without any reservations, recommend them to any entity looking forward to upgrading their system.

    Vijay BhandariOwner of Arby’s CNN Center - Georgia

  • Retail Data Systems, in conjunction with RTI, provide reports which are easily accessible from my remote computer and smart phone, even when on vacation, to help monitor unit operations. RDS is always prompt to respond to service and support issues. I am unaware of anyone else who works with a lot of Arby’s units staying up to date on the routine changes in the way RDS does. I don’t know of any other Company providing the caliber of service we obtain from them. I would highly recommend them to others for this reason. I feel fortunate we started using RDS 30 years ago and haven’t had any reason to look elsewhere.

    Jim Votaw President of Central Iowa Restaurants, Inc. - Iowa