Electronic Shelf Tags from SES Imagotag

Simplify and automate in-store operations

Electronic shelf tags enhance in-store efficiency and reduce labor costs generated by the daily implementation of pricing policies. Staff can then focus on higher-value-added tasks such as on-shelf availability, replenishment and customer services. Digital tags can also reduce wastage through dynamic management of products (stock level alerts, shelf capacity, real-time promotions & coupons).

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Labor Savings

  • Average of 50 hours labor per week
  • High-valued staff and Managers no longer need to focus on menial tasks
  • Flashing callouts can be used to save even more labor
  • ROI 18-24 months in a typical grocery store

Pricing Efficiency

  • No waiting to hang tags (2 – 7 Days)
  • Change prices as soon as you a cost update
  • Change prices as soon as you receive a Host file from your warehouse
  • Run short promotions based on weather like rain or snow
  • Run short promotions based short coded items

Pricing Accuracy

  • No more worries if a shelf tag or Ad sign was taken down
  • Pass surprise government inspection with a 100%
  • Keep your customer happy and confident they are being charged correctly
  • Easily identify products that are mispriced

In-Aisle Marketing

  • QR Codes! – Another technology that has taken off
  • Link to recipes, videos, 8112 coupons, and vendor websites
  • Dietary Information; Keto, Gluten Free, Vegan, Local, etc
  • Colorful displays for Discount or Advertised Items

Geo Location and Other Callout

  • Pick eCommerce Order
  • Stocking Shelves
  • Placing Orders
  • Identifying Slow/Fast Movers
  • Run short promotions based short coded items

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