NCR Radiant Advanced Marketing Solution

NCR Advanced Marketing Solution: targeted marketing made simple

NCR Advanced Marketing Solution is a comprehensive, flexible and consumer-specific offer management solution. It allows retailers to streamline promotion delivery management by eliminating systems and business processes, while also reducing operations and IT support. NCR Advanced Marketing Solution empowers retailers to respond to merchandising priorities and competitive pressure within minutes by developing and executing promotional programs.

Control ownership of your targeted marketing platform

With NCR Advanced Marketing Solution, you are in command of your marketing initiatives. No incremental costs exist, so you maintain and control the relationship with your customers.

NCR Advanced Marketing Solution

Streamline offer delivery management

Deliver on your offers quickly, efficiently and simply with NCR Advanced Marketing Solution, while also eliminating systems and business processes, and reducing operations and IT support.

Consolidate your promotion management tasks

Our easy-to-use promotion management tool empowers you to combine planning, offer logic, discounting, graphical content and channel management into a single workspace, saving you time, space and money.

Accelerate promotional program development and execution

NCR Advanced Marketing Solution enables you to reduce your response time significantly as you develop and execute your promotional programs, respond to merchandising priorities and competitive pressure. Your competition will wonder how you’re always able to stay ahead of them.

Engage your customers

Connect with your consumers throughout their shopping experience, with more frequent, higher-quality and more effective communications.

Optimize your existing POS systems

Our solution lets you get the most out of your existing point-of-sale (POS) systems and helps you extend their use.

Reward consumer loyalty

NCR Advanced Marketing Solution empowers you to deliver benefits such as loyalty cards, targeted marketing and customer relationship management initiatives.

Key Features

  • Logix user interface: the web-based interface through which retail and marketing professionals create, execute and manage offers
  • Multiple execution channels
  • Importing and exporting offers
  • Hierarchical product and store organization