NCR Self-Checkout Solutions for Convenience Stores

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Transform your checkout and your c-store experience

From small stores to global chains, NCR Self-Checkout solutions provide better service by enabling flexible and naturally convenient shopping experiences. Today’s retail customers are more demanding and time-starved than ever. The in-store experience is where our self-service solutions can shine to make your everyday easier.

  • Give your c-store customers fast service, control and flexibility
  • Cut wait times and empower your team – a single attendant can work the register for people who need assisted service while being available to help self-checkout customers with restricted items like tobacco
  • Create a stylish, modern front end with a range of styles and sizes that fit your brand
  • Add mobile shopping for customers who prefer it in-store

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Gas Station Self Checkout System

C-Store Kiosk

Make checkout frictionless whether your customers buy one item or 50+ items

Fuel Self Service

Give your customers a choice between self-serve and assisted thanks to a fully flexible service model

Customer Self Service

Bring physical and digital shopping together with mobile shopping integration

Self-Checkout with Computer Vision Adjacencies

Offer the fastest, most intuitive checkout experiences out there—for your customers and your attendants—with the most feature-rich, reliable self-checkout application in the market.

Finding ways to transform the in-store customer experience while controlling operational costs is critical to your business success. NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout Sofware enhances the customer shopping experience while helping improve front-end efficiency, increase associate productivity and reduce shrink.

  • Intuitive user interface designed by User Experience (Ux)/ and User Interface (UI) experts
  • Innovative security capabilities using computer vision and artificial intelligence
  • Extensive attendant monitoring capability to handle up to 10 self-checkout lanes
  • Remote attendant station with traditional register capabilities
  • Exclusive “zero touch” transaction capability
  • Successful deployment with more than 170 different POS systems
  • Proven cash handling capabilities
  • Coin and note recycler
NCR C-Store Self-Checkout Systems

Customer Benefits

Today’s retail customers want shopping to be fast, easy, and convenient. They like to be in control and appreciate privacy. They are expecting an exceptional shopping experience no matter where, when, or how they interact with your retail brand – via web, mobile, or in-store.

  • Less queuing and faster service
  • More control and information
  • Avoid human contact
  • More privacy
  • Improved associate interaction
  • Multilingual capability

Business Benefits

As a business owner, you need to increase your customers per hour, increase labor productivity, and provide better customer service. NCR Self-Checkout not only provides a number of benefits for your customers, but also your business.

  • Reduced customer queue time
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Faster turn on parking spots and gas pumps
  • Operational efficiencies and increased labor productivity
  • Reduced cash handling
  • Less walkaways and shrink