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S4 UCheX Self-Checkout System

A complete, customer friendly and affordable Self-Checkout package available only from RDS!

  • Includes world class hardware from NCR and other national manufactures.
  • A guided customer user experience throughout the checkout.
  • Commercial grade, durable cabinetry with a small footprint allows for increased store throughput.
  • Less than 50% of the cost of other Self-Checkout offerings.
  • S4 UCheX and S4 Vision are part of the new RDS Labor Savings Portfolio of Products!

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S4 Uchex Self-Checkout System from RDS

Custom Store Branding

Friendly, inviting and customizable screens that match your store’s branding, draw shoppers in to begin their self guided checkout experience. And if the customer needs any assistance, help is only a button push away.

Grocery Flip Chart Uchex

Uchex Self-Checkout System

Dynamic Produce Flip Charts

For simple and quick produce item entry, the S4 UCheX system dynamically updates your flip charts based on your store’s produce sales. Shoppers can even type in a partial description and find the item quickly. And special organic filters assist with ensuring the correct item is selected.

Public View Monitor

21 or 13 inch Public View Monitor (Optional) for enhanced security and attendant messaging. Customer assistance with LED indicators and attendant messages. Multizone multimedia enables advertising campaigns and store digital signage.

S4 Uchex Grocery Self Checkout

S4 Uchex Checkout

Enhanced S4Vision Integrations

S4 UCheX self-checkout is fully integrated with the S4Vision mobile app, letting you view real time lane utilization and key SCO usage metrics to manage your front-end labor. Adding to the many views S4Vision has available for critical store operations and decisions.

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