Xpient Solutions

Xpient Back Office Software

XPIENT Solutions provides market-leading Point-of-Sale, Back Office, and Enterprise Management technologies designed to address the unique operational needs of the Quick Service, Fast Casual, Family and Casual Dining restaurant segments. From the largest chain operation to the individual franchisee, XPIENT Solutions offers the ideal combination of customizable products and services.

IRIS Point of Sale is a cost-effective, easy to use, infinitely flexible POS application that is readily adaptable to your business. Whether your environment is quick service, fast casual, family or casual dining, IRIS affords unlimited options to support distinctive business requirements. Uniquely configurable touch screen technology speeds employee training and performance as well as optimizing order accuracy and speed-of-service. Additionally, the IRIS eKitchen Display System component offers an intuitive graphical application designed to enhance efficiency and improve throughput via superior kitchen coordination.

POS Functionality

  • Easily create and maintain menus, including graphics, layouts and sizing components for optimum cashier productivity
  • Automatically detect value meal combinations
  • Handle "conversational ordering" which combines items in the most favorable manner regardless of ordering sequence
  • Support customer activated terminals for self service
  • Provides order confirmation and video receipt
  • Up-sell based on item combination
  • Accept credit, debit, EBT, stored value cards and coupons
  • Periodically and/or randomly, flag a customer receipt for marketing specials or customer surveys
  • Handle complex discount scenarios
  • Calculate sales tax through comprehensive rules based algorithm

  • Automatic, unattended end of day processing
  • Cash management that traces cash from point of order to point of deposit
  • Complete system redundancy that maintains point-of-sale and kitchen functionality if back office system fails
  • Centrally manage multiple register programs
  • Electronic journal access via graphical user interface
  • Tracking of tax exempt sales
  • Ability to capture marketing information such as zip code
  • Human Resources management / Payroll Calculations
  • Time and Attendance
  • Comprehensive reporting including support for multi-brand franchises
  • mymessage.net email messaging for intra-office and corporate communications