Maitre'd Delivery and Dispatch

Maitre’D Delivery & Dispatch for Quick Service Restaurants

If your business offers delivery or take-out service, Maitre’D’s feature-rich Delivery module will make managing these services a breeze. The Delivery module helps to streamline all delivery operations and manage delivery drivers to increase speed of service and efficiency. Maitre’D Delivery quick serve POS software covers all the bases including Caller ID, Last Order Recall, and driving directions with Microsoft MapPoint.

Maitre'D POS Delivery and Dispatch

Delivery functions

The Delivery system saves customer records in a file keyed by telephone number, so employees do not have to re-enter the customer's information if the same customer reorders.

  • The system can automatically add delivery charges where applicable
  • Guest information, order history – and special instructions (“Beware of dog”) are stored by phone number. Delivery instructions are also stored, and printed on all checks
  • The Caller ID feature brings you directly to the customer’s file to speed up service
  • The one-step ’’Recall last order’’ feature saves time
  • Extensive customer database functionalities allow you to keep as much or as little information on your clients as you wish
  • Orders or catering orders entered for any date or time can be sent to the kitchen automatically on the delivery date to ensure that the requested delivery time is met
  • Delivery features are seamlessly integrated with all Maitre’D solutions for managing table service or carry-out business
  • Ability to manage and guarantee delivery times to increase customer satisfaction (ex. Delivered in 30 minutes or free)
  • The “alarm” feature instantly identifies all orders that aren’t prepared and out the door within a specific amount of time
  • Delivery provides the ability to filter orders by station, by processing stages, or by driver, making it easy to recall and edit orders

Dispatch - Efficient driver management tools

Driver management features allow you to prioritize drivers and track who is out on delivery with which orders. Multiple deliveries can be assigned to a driver based on similar geographic map codes.

  • Ability to equally distribute orders to drivers
  • Provides tools to ensure faster and efficient delivery, such as the ability to print driving directions and a map to the delivery location
  • Ability to run automatic settlements on multiple orders or simply process a money drop
  • Revenue reports for each driver keep track of all transactions for accurate cashing out when their shift ends

Customer database

All customer history is saved, so that targeted mailings can be done easily and in accordance with customers’ preferences. Maitre’D maintains a complete database of statistical customer information (first order, last order, number of order to date, grand total to date...) You can recall their last order, include them in frequent buyer programs or even print labels for a special mailing to customers who haven’t visited your restaurant is over three months.

Maitre'D POS System Delivery

Delivery Reporting

  • Speed of service reports will help you measure the performance of your staff
  • Configurable standards for delivery procedures - from incoming call to arrival time. Several reports are available to measure performance
  • Real-time offsite reporting via Internet through the DataBoard solution
  • Customized reports lists will give you direct access to a list of reports that you need on a regular basis

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