Bite Kiosk

A truly intelligent kiosk system

Self-ordering touchscreen kiosks with facial recognition for restaurants.

Bite Kiosk for Restaurants

Seamless Integration

Our kiosks provide your guests with another convenient way for placing orders while integrating into your existing enterprise infrastructure – from your POS to reporting and analytics. Your branding is how your guests see you. Bite Kiosks don’t use a simple template and can be completely customized to reflect your brand experience and showcase your product in the way you want to.

Bite Kiosk POS

Expect Higher Productivity

Self-service lets you maximize order accuracy and throughput – especially during peak times. Bite’s intelligent upsell algorithms will increase your check averages by up to 16%.

Expect Personalized Self-Service

Using our facial recognition and machine learning we give each guest tailored offers and recommendations leading to even higher check averages (and even faster check-out!).

Expect Labor Efficiency

We understand costs are increasing in a challenging environment that’s why our kiosks provide you the flexibility to optimize your staffing without compromising customer service.

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