Black Box

RDS Black Box

RDS Black Box is an optional service you may elect to participate in which backs up your store’s transaction data. The transaction data is invaluable and cannot be recreated; therefore must be protected by daily backups. Black Box will give you peace of mind, storing up to three years of your data securely and offsite so you will never experience the frustration of total data loss.

Benefits of Black Box:

  • Back up transaction data from your store to a secure FTP every 15 minutes.
  • Ensure lightning fast return to service in the event of a file server loss or hard drive failure.
  • Black Box will store your labor and sales data securely and automatically, verified by our team of technicians.
  • Should the internet connection fail, Black Box will automatically update the missing data to the cloud upon reconnection without slowing down your system.

By enrolling you are authorizing Retail Data Systems to bill $25 per site per month for the service. Enrollment fees will be applicable beginning November 1st, 2014 in addition to current monthly maintenance. Contact your account manager for additional questions or concerns.