Church's Chicken

Church's Chicken Food Service Solution from Retail Data Systems


With 55 years of helping food service operators use technology to improve customer service and maximize profitability Retail Data Systems/NCR software delivers the most advanced and reliable store operations solutions available. Solving critical challenges for Church’s Chicken operators. The System selected by Church’s corporation is at once a comprehensive, web-based back office system and a POS management solution. It provides flexibility to access applications anytime from anywhere and enables operators to optimize inventory, labor and productivity across all sites. Church’s is experiencing measurable improvements in inventory shrink, cash control, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity as a result of implementing the Retail Data System/Radiant Enterprise food service solution.


Training Services

RDS Training Services department is staffed with dedicated professionals that understand Church’s Chicken and are fully capable of conducting user-customized software training either at your field locations or at one our offices. The Training Department will get your staff up to speed in no time and take the fear out of having to learn a new application. Our proven hands-on approach to conducting training sessions provides for maximum retention of course material, resulting in a seamless transition to your new system, and no disruption to your customers.

Support Services

Equally important to a successful implementation is an on-going system support plan. Our help desk and support technicians are available 7 days a week around the clock to answer your questions and insure your store runs smoothly.

Installation Services

RDS has installed hundreds of systems in Church’s Chickens across the United States. We can address all aspects of on-site implementation including site survey, cabling, old equipment disposal, and new system installation. RDS configures and packages a “complete store”, ready for easy on-site installation. RDS Field Technicians meet systems when they arrive on-site and perform all necessary tasks to ensure that new systems are properly installed and ready for store employee training and production use.

Optimize Freshness and Prep Items

Complete production planning and recipe management calculates accurate chicken production of White Spicy vs. White Classic, etc. and forecast requirements down to 15-minute intervals according to customer demand, cutting food waste.

Hardware Reliability

A 12-month hardware warranty is provided on all hardware. No hard drives or fans, which increases the life of your purchase.

Reduce Labor Costs

Template labor scheduling forces the schedule to eliminate clock in/out errors managing your labor costs.

Conversational Ordering

Reduces mistakes and improves customer through put by a reduction in keystrokes. Up size side items without voids and errors corrections reducing order time and improving customer throughput. Change piece items without timely voids and interruptions to the customer, improving the customer experience. Promotion tracking prohibits improper application of promotions.

Integrated High-Speed Credit

Improves speed of service and credit approval. Credit approval occurs in one second. No sign for smaller amounts.

Improved Service Time Tracking

Track greet time, production time tender time, overall service time for counter and drive-thru. Track menu item sales by cashier.

Make Proactive Decisions

Real-time Dashboards provide managers with mission critical information without generating time consuming reports. Real-time reports track store performance related to inventory, labor and cash. Metric reporter allows sophisticated, customized, ad hoc reports to be easily facilitated.

Workforce Management

Time and Attendance automates punch validation and prevents employees from punching without authorization. Fully integrated time clock functions. Integrated payroll integration provides direct interface to payroll processors without the need to increase administration. Work flows ensure payroll processing is accurately audited and submitted on time. Employee tracking restaurant to restaurant ensures that overtime guidelines are followed.

Cash Management

Track funds to the cashier and view exceptions to identify excessive void, cancels, coupons, etc. Implement best practices in cash management and reconciliation to ensure control at every level cashier, safe, manager, and deposit.

Inventory Management & Planning

Manage variance between ideal and actual food costs-highlight areas for improving inventory management. Assign causes to variance-waste, QC, theft, perishables, etc. Enabling managers to improve undesired gaps.

Authorized Access Anytime, Anywhere

Input critical information, build schedules, and close restaurants from home or other store locations. Managers are not tied to entering information at the store location.

Real Data Integrity

Triple redundancy back ups ensure that you will never loose any data when a device fails.

Simplify Site Administration

Store administration is simplified through advanced templates that allow headquarters to administer important configurations, including recipes, menu items, price changes, promotions, and more for all stores before the event.

Reduce Inventory Cost

Generate ideal food cost vs. actual food cost reporting. Provides measurable gaps to improve food cost.

Business Visibility

Math-based forecasting and scheduling scientifically prescribes the perfect utilization of labor while optimizing employee satisfaction and meeting customer demand.

Site, regional and corporate managers have real-time, customized, exception-driven views that allow issues to be resolved before they impact cost of operations.

Retail Data Systems/NCR Guides provide general and above store managers to make proactive and profitable decisions by providing real-time access to critical information.

Planning leverages sales forecast and recipes to detail the cooking schedule and display required product cooking, along with hold times.

Dashboard management provides to the minute information without the need to generate paper reports. Dashboards display critical business indicators real time.

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