Landhope Famrs

Landhope Farms – Kennett Square, PA

"Retail Data Systems has been a partner with Landhope Farms since January of 2013. RDS replaced our frontend POS systems at all 3 of our locations. Our new RDS systems feed our new PDI Enterprise system in the back office. Our experience with RDS has impressed our organization end to end with the quality of our experience with their installation, service and products. RDS has become a critical partner in our company and a company we would recommend to any convenience store operator.

The installation was handled first with deploying a lab to test and run our database and address any unique challenges we would have with the system before we went live. This allowed us to test products, procedures and reporting as well as train on the system in a controlled environment. RDS was instrumental in the connectivity between the two new systems and routinely spoke with IT and Pricebook Services to ensure our operations would be a success. Once we went live the RDS team came on sight and knew our systems top to bottom. This saved us from having to pay our fuel vendor to have an additional resource on sight to handle the fuel interface. The techs were literally ripping out our back office and front end overnight and replacing them on the fly. When issues arose with other vendors in the installation, the RDS team owned the issues addressed them and moved the project forward flawlessly. Our internal IT and tech resource who has been with us for over 23 years commented, “I have never seen a change out of a system go as flawlessly as it did with the RDS team.

RDS service has proven to be a huge addition to the Landhope Farms team. When there are issues, we call the hotline and we get typically get an answer after a single ring. Even with “after hours” calls, we will typically wait no longer than 10-15 minutes for a call back from their on-call staff. The RDS staff has been so exceptional in their treatment of us and our associates, that even our front line cashiers feel very comfortable making the call knowing they will be treated as though they were the president of the company. On our old VeriFone system we had similar situations where it took 20 minutes just to get a tech on the phone that could not help us. This cost us time and money and hurt the customer experience with our brand. With RDS our customers enjoy the speed of service and the technology is invisible as it should be. In addition when changes need to be made they happen in a matter of hours as opposed to the weeks it sometimes took with our old system.

Because of RDS’s experience in our industry and the way they got to know us as a company throughout the entire process, we were able to work with them to get a system that was specifically tailored to Landhope Farms and our needs. The systems have exceeded our requirements and expectations on every level. Prior to our relationship with RDS we had Verifone POS terminals. We were having problems with speed of service and with support in general. Reporting was not user friendly and often not completely accurate. Our team had difficulty getting the information they needed out of the systems and worse our regular customers noticed aspects of the system that didn’t work and had learned to work around them. With the solution RDS put in place, just in our food service area alone, we found sales went up over 8% due to speed of service with the kitchen video system. Being able to start an order before the customer even finishes has enabled us to speed up our service - increasing customer satisfaction. Management has been impressed on a weekly basis with the type and quality of reporting we are getting out of the RDS solution. We are able to re-run receipts; tracks missed or flawed transactions quickly and keep the business moving forward. We are certain we made the right business decision moving to the RDS system as our platform to take our business to the next level of success.”

Dennis M. McCartney
Director of Operation
Landhope Farms – Kennett Square, PA