NCR ScanMaster

NCR ScanMaster

NCR ScanMaster is a state of the art solution for the grocery industry designed to address the challenges facing today’s retailers. Each day grocery retailers face increasing pressure to better serve and retain customers, increase productivity, reduce checkout errors, reduce training costs, and successfully manage for change.

NCR ScanMaster Grocery POS System features a powerful transaction processing database in an advanced client-server topology, outstanding reporting, full electronic transaction logs and sophisticated secondary processes that prevent file corruption, enable unparalleled data access as well as cross platform networking and transaction-specific screens and lead-through prompts.

Features and Benefits

NCR ScanMaster is designed with the integrated components needed to solve these problems and maintain the retailer’s advantage in today’s competitive marketplace:

  • An open, industry-standard architecture
  • A fast and intuitive front-end POS workstation
  • A back office software application that effectively and efficiently manages operations and information

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Our list of industry leading grocery POS system hardware and software products provide a variety of solutions for companies large and small. We are a full service provider able to support all of your current technologies.

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