NCR RealScan Imager Handhelds

NCR RealScan Imager Handhelds

NCR RealScan Handheld Imagers are great solutions for any retail environment where points and shoot scanning is needed for 1D and 2D bar codes, as well as scanning mobile devices. These imaging handhelds help increase employee productivity and streamline business processes in not only retail, but also in healthcare, government, and other industries. These devices also deliver a quick return on investment since they can not only manage your bar code scanning needs, but also capture documents and pictures with certain models.

NCR RealScan Imager Handhelds

NCR RealScan 4209

The affordable NCR RealScan 4209 imager delivers fast 1D/2D bar code scanning from paper and mobile phones, supporting traditional and mobile bar code applications while enhancing productivity.

NCR RealScan 6707/6701

The NCR RealScan 6707/6701 point and shoot imager delivers the functionality of a bar code scanner, digital camera and document scanner, all in one simple to use device.

NCR RealScan 9208

The NCR RealScan 9208 imager is an affordable counter-top presentation scanner designed to manage 1D and 2D symbologies on products, coupons, or even mobile devices.

NCR RealScan 9808

The NCR RealScan 9208 imager features a unique hybrid form factor design that offers retailers a new level of versatility, functionality and performance at the checkout for 1D, 2D and mobile.