NCR RealScan Laser Scanners

NCR RealScan Laser Scanners

NCR RealScan Handheld Laser scanners are the perfect fit for retailers looking for a simple and easy to use solution for scanning 1D bar codes at the checkout. NCR offers a variety of options, ranging from entry level value models, to high performance models. These are fast and reliable scanners that not only offer performance out of the box, but also dependability for the demanding retail world.

NCR RealScan Laser Scanners

NCR RealScan 4208

The NCR RealScan 4208 laser scanner increases productivity with higher laser performance and scan speeds.

NCR RealScan 1203

The NCR RealScan 1203 laser scanner delivers high-quality laser scanning, user-friendly ergonomics and durability at an affordable price.

NCR RealScan 2208

The NCR RealScan 2208 laser scanner offers high-performance laser scanning for 1D bar codes at a reasonable entry-level price.