NCR RealScan 78 Hybrid Scanner/Scale

NCR RealScan 78 Hybrid Scanner/Scale

NCR’s hybrid technology couples laser scan lines with the latest in imaging technology to provide you with a high-performance scanner that can not only aggressively decode your traditional 1D bar coded items, but also manage 2D bar codes and mobile devices. This hybrid technology creates a seamless scanning interaction for both assisted service cashiers and consumers at self-checkout.

Hybrid technology offers the best of both worlds

With NCR’s hybrid technology, both the lasers and imager work in conjunction to search out the bar code. The scanner transparently passes on the information, regardless of which technology detects the bar code first—there are no buttons to push or scanning modes to worry about. This allows the scanner to leverage the high-performance lasers to carry the bulk of your daily scanning, while offering the flexibility of accepting mobile coupons and mobile loyalty, as well as driver’s licenses and other 2D bar code scanning.

NCR RealScan 78 Hybrid Scanner/Scale

Performance you can count on

This scanner features NCR’s Optical Effects Technology (OFX) that drives more laser scan lines at greater lengths and angles to dramatically improve performance. The resulting dense pattern captures and reads even difficult bar codes, including those that are small and truncated. When confronted with problem labels, the high-performance scan pattern and imager quickly recognizes and corrects label defects, using NCR’s patented PACESETTER® technology.

Exceptional investment protection

The NCR RealScan 78 can be purchased as a Laser only model to meet current retail requirements, and in the future as your business needs change, you can easily upgrade to our Hybrid imaging technology. With this same investment protection in mind, you can upgrade your scanner to a scale model after install and enable it with electronic article surveillance deactivation.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid technology with laser and imaging
  • Upgradable to imaging after purchase
  • Scan advisor light bar
  • Clean window indicator
  • Taller tower for maximum scan volume and performance
  • Audio volume and pitch adjustment
  • Configurable third button (e.g., for EAS)
  • Scan Doctor patented spoken voice diagnostics

NCR RealScan Remote Post Display

Your RealScan display will help ensure your RealScan scanner solution is fully compliant with gross weight display requirements by implementing the NCR RealPOS™ Remote Post Display.

Keeps you compliant

An important part of NCR’s retail display and retail scanner portfolios, the NCR RealScan Remote Post Display allows your customers and cashiers to view scale and weight readouts simultaneously, eliminating any questions about price integrity. This provides customers all the information about their purchases upfront, which allows them to pay with ease.

Flexible footprint

This is the only remote post display that offers single or dual displays. The dual display provides maximum readability by both customers and cashiers, while the single display can be mounted in a mutually readable position. For added flexibility, displays may be swiveled or tilted for better viewing by individual customers and cashiers.