BRdata Grocery Back Office Solutions

The complete end-to-end solution from the wholesaler to the consumer. BRdata is a software company retailers know and trust – developing software solutions and serving the retail industry since 1979.

Retail Data Systems sells and supports BRdata solutions. All BRdata applications can run locally in the store or via thin-client technology for centralized databases and programs across the enterprise. BRdata has full suite of applications - BRdata Retail BOSS™, which is a modular solution, comprising instore solutions, hosting, order entry (CAO/CGO), price optimization, fresh item management, customer loyalty, ad planning/forecasting, warehouse or in-store inventory, competitor price tracking, and financial sales data capturing.

Powerful and Flexible Features

  • Retrieve sales movement from all stores
  • Control price and cost from a central database
  • Effective item and category management
  • Support for most POS and back office systems
  • Multiple zones by store, department or vendor
  • Date-driven sales with unlimited future prices
  • Host to store compare utility
  • Centralized inventory, purchases and receiving
  • SQL database

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BRdata Tools and Solutions

BRdata Vendor Portal

BRdata Vendor Portal is a highly flexible data management tool that offers a solution for vendor to retailer communication. This platform supports entry and approval workflow for new items, item updates, cost changes, and deals/allowances.

Increased data visibility and supervision saves on labor costs associated with incorrect data and data entry, allowing retailers to be confident in the accuracy of their results before they flow into downstream systems.

  • Improved consistency across cost, items, and allowances
  • Centralized point of review for multiple vendors
  • Set your own rules for data integrity, such as acceptable values and nullability
  • Comparative feedback based on existing item databases
  • Upload conditions for store groups
  • Labor savings
  • All actions audited
BRdata Vendor Portal

BRdata Warehouse

BRdata’s Warehouse module can help you track your inventory through reporting, slotting, order management, and inventory extraction. Track and maintain items from the point of arrival at host level, right down to the point of consumer sale at store level.

  • Maintain warehouse perpetual inventory by location
  • Automated PO and order creation based on inventory levels
  • Real-time warehouse inventory visible to remote store
  • In-aisle ordering / Store warehouse order receiving
  • Buyer purchase analysis including PO
  • Maintain vendor, warehouse, and store costs
  • Supports FIFO or last purchase inventory

BRdata Warehouse

BRdata Automated Purchase Ordering

Take the guessing out of ordering with Brdata Automated Purchase Ordering.

  • Improve cash flow by reducing inventory
  • Increase gross margin with reduced shrink
  • Reduce out-of-stocks
  • Increase efficiency
  • Cost and labor savings
  • Increase customer satisfaction

BRdata Automated Purchase Ordering

BRdata Retail Boss Enterprise Suite

BRdata’s Enterprise Suite offers a complete back-office solution for wholesalers, retailers and grocery store chains. Manage all store chains from your centralized headquarters using BRdata Host. Your powerful and flexible in-store solution is BRdata Store; track sales movement, maintain item, price and cost information, print shelf labels, create orders and use RF handhelds directly from aisles.

Other features include a powerful price optimization tool, inventory management, loyalty system, an advanced merchandiser planning tool, retail sales management, scale link, direct store delivery, store data exchange for electronic vendor invoice receiving, and compare processes to keep data in sync by finding inconsistencies among BRdata Host, BRdata Store, and POS.

The BRdata Enterprise Suite provides a total integrated business solution to grocers and retail stores


BRdata Store is a powerful and flexible, full-function in-store retail solution. Retailers can track sales movement while controlling item, price and cost information from one central database. With handhelds, personnel have the option to view retail and sale information, update prices, customize item information, and print shelf labels.

Store Data Exchange (DEX)

Store Data Exchange (DEX) is a hardware and software solution that allows retailers to electronically receive vendor invoices at the time of their delivery. This brand of communication protocol is used by the vendor to transfer the invoice from the driver’s handheld to the receiver’s BRdata DSD invoice database.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Maintaining surveillance over products received at the store backdoor is crucial for smooth operation of the store. By relying on the BRdata DSD (Direct Store Delivery) system, users can instantly and easily verify that the costs, allowances, quantities, and products received at the backdoor match what is expected from the vendor.


Maintain a centralized customer file at BRdata Host. When a customer is added to the host customer database, it is distributed to the store in near real-time. A consolidated transaction log file allows users to track what customers are or are not buying. Generate customer mailings.

Ad Planner

The BRdata Ad Planner module is an advanced merchandiser planning tool. Drill-down to specific categories to set sales and promotions. Improve category performance by easily projecting total gross margin for Ads, then view actual sales based on POS sales movement from the stores.

Price Optimization

The BRdata Price Optimization module displays optimal prices to the retailer based on the synthesized data of item demand, gross margin percentage, competition, private label to national brand gap, brand linking, and unit size. Advanced TPR management rules maximize TPR profits.


The BRdata Inventory module provides users with the resources needed to easily track perpetual inventory through POS item movement and in-store receiving. Eliminate uncertainty by better managing inventory replenishment and costs while ensuring you have sufficient on-hand stock to fill anticipated store sales and avoiding overstock.

Scale Link

BRdata’s Scale Link is specifically designed for efficient fresh item management. Scale Link communicates with perishable scale items, consolidating POS and scale system databases. Users gain the advantage of maintaining scale item and price information from their back-office system’s database.


Customizable ordering systems ranging from iOS ordering to computer generated ordering. Our powerful, easy-to-use ordering systems produce immediate ROI through innovative features. Reads centralized wholesaler’s allowances and cost Information, as well as the item’s retail and sale information.