Logivision POS

ACCEO Logivision Grocery Point of Sale

The ACCEO Logivision point-of-sale system is easy to use, easy to manage, and designed specifically for fast retail: supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores, and specialty retail stores such as pet stores. ACCEO Logivision software helps manage retail operations more efficiently and is a flexible Windows-based solution that allows you to choose your own hardware.

  • Process sales quickly with a personalized POS screen
  • Manage your inventory in one or multiple locations
  • Offer loyalty rewards and keep track of gift cards
  • Restrict operations based on user-level permissions
  • Analyze what’s happening in your store at any time
  • Speed up transaction entry with integrated payment processing compatible with all major processors


L-BOSS central is the core application designed for multi-store operators. Data changes made on the central system are sent to stores on a scheduled basis. In turn, the store sales data is transferred for use at the central office. The information retrieved provides headquarters staff with sales data to assist with the day to day decision-making process. L-BOSS makes your life easy with only one platform to learn.

Manage Customers

L-BOSS customer management program is used to set up a preferred shopper program. You can implement discounts for frequent shoppers. Discounts can be to the category or item level so you can reward customers as you wish. The preferred shopper program also includes a points tracking system to help build long-term loyalty. Tracking item purchases allows you to analyze sales movement by product by customer. Differentiate yourself from the competition by building a custom loyalty program.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is an intense and complex task for many retailers. Making sure that you have the product your customer is looking for is a must. Being able to control your inventory levels and making sure you have everything ready during a promotion is really important. Our inventory module is ideal for businesses that use minimum stock levels or sales to manage stock replenishment. With proper inventory ordering and receiving operations, you will be able to minimize your investment and improve overall profits.

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