NCR Aloha Reporting and Analytics

NCR Aloha - QSR Business Intelligence

Want to have insight into the health of your business anywhere you go? What if you could wake up on a Saturday morning and with one swipe on your phone see the sales for last night at all of your stores? Or you could go to your back office computer to run sales reports to help accurately plan the forecast for next year. Or what about checking in to see who worked overtime from last night’s shift?
Aloha Quick Service POS Reporting
With the information automatically collected from your POS system, you have instant access to performance and metrics such as net sales by hour, employee working hours and inventory levels. Our reporting tools help you discover the levers you need to pull so you can increase your profitability and grow your business. Without having to do the legwork of manually managing your employee, inventory and sales performance, you can spend more time connecting with your employees, focusing on the customer experience and growing your business.

Above Store Reporting

See your sales and employee data through a cloud-based software that gives you detailed reports. NCR Insight helps you:

  • Make smart decisions by measuring operational performance accurately
  • Customize your data with multi-store reporting including drill down analysis by site, region, or concept
  • Replicate your data for local data warehousing, exports to accounting, payroll and human resource systems.

Pulse Platform

How do you get clear visibility into your business at the exact moment you need it? It can be challenging to have multiple points of access to operational information. The NCR Pulse Platform provides you 24/7 mobile access to:

  • Customer feedback, theft prevention, inventory and labor information, historical data and more
  • Immediate notification of issues that require your attention
  • Support from NCR that’s available 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Social news feed so you can see what your customers are saying
  • Your employees through easy communication directly from the app
  • Your restaurant(s) through the platform and subscribed NCR management applications

Mobile Management

Get a clear, accurate and real-time view of your business performance from your mobile device. With our app, store managers and executives can access check detail, comps, voids, performance metrics, social media feeds and much more. You’ll achieve peace of mind, freedom and flexibility with the data automatically being collected from your POS system in an easy to digest format. With NCR Real-Time, you can:

  • Receive up-to-the-minute performance metrics so you know exactly where your business currently stands
  • Get immediately notified when issues require your attention
  • Gain access to applets that also enable you to monitor employee theft, customer feedback and request NCR support directly from within the app