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Dairy Queen Store Technology from Retail Data Systems

Looking for a new POS Solution? Need support for old Panasonic registers? Retail Data Systems has the experience and expertise to help!

RDS DQ National Helpline - 1-800-852-7622 or RDSHELP@RDSPOS.COM

Why Partner with RDS?

Top Ten Reasons to choose Panasonic, Xpient and RDS

  1. ADQ Approved / DQOA Endorsed
  2. One Company to call for all your POS system needs
    • Installation, Training, Hardware and Software support
  3. All Registers can run independent of each other
    • No need to worry about a single point of failure that would take all registers down
  4. Video Monitors run independent of each other
    • No need to worry about a single point of failure that would take all prep monitors down
  5. Conversational Ordering
    • Let your customers guide their order process
  6. Credit Cards off Line? No Problem!
    • Xpient will store and forward transaction when connection restored
  7. Automatic Email Alerts sent directly to your mobile phone
    • Voids, Over rings, Refunds
  8. End-of-Day is completely automated
    • Staff interaction not required. This includes automatic settlement of credit card batches. Get home early for a change!
  9. Other Major Quick Service Brands installing Xpient
  10. Qualifies for your modernization program

Panasonic Hardware

Panasonic Stingray Envo (JS-960) Workstation

Panasonic revolutionized the point of sale (POS) market with the introduction of Stingray, the industry's first modular workstation. Now the innovator in POS technology continues to lead the way with the introduction of Stingray Envo. Envo breaks new ground in versatility, with virtually unlimited mounting options ideal for a wide range of applications – and like Stingray, Envo is modular, saving you time and money. Designed with the environment in mind, Envo also helps to preserve Earth's resources along with your own. In tough economic times, it makes even more sense to choose a brand known for decades as a provider of high quality products that are both durable and reliable. All this makes Stingray Envo the evolution that's right for you, right now.

Dairy Queen Point of Sale System
  • Built with a VESA mount, enabling you to place it virtually anywhere
  • Modular design makes troubleshooting and servicing easy
  • Open platform to run virtually any software
  • Energy Star rated with power consumption less than half that of earlier Stingray models
  • Various rear screens available –2 line with static POP, 12" or 15" interactive order confirmation/POP

Xpient Software

Xpient Back Office Software

XPIENT Solutions provides market-leading Point-of-Sale, Back Office, and Enterprise Management technologies designed to address the unique operational needs of the Quick Service, Fast Casual, Family and Casual Dining restaurant segments. From the largest chain operation to the individual franchisee, XPIENT Solutions offers the ideal combination of customizable products and services.

IRIS Point of Sale is a cost-effective, easy to use, infinitely flexible POS application that is readily adaptable to your business. Whether your environment is quick service, fast casual, family or casual dining, IRIS affords unlimited options to support distinctive business requirements. Uniquely configurable touch screen technology speeds employee training and performance as well as optimizing order accuracy and speed-of-service. Additionally, the IRIS eKitchen Display System component offers an intuitive graphical application designed to enhance efficiency and improve throughput via superior kitchen coordination.

POS Functionality

  • Easily create and maintain menus, including graphics, layouts and sizing components for optimum cashier productivity
  • Automatically detect value meal combinations
  • Handle "conversational ordering" which combines items in the most favorable manner regardless of ordering sequence
  • Support customer activated terminals for self service
  • Provides order confirmation and video receipt
  • Up-sell based on item combination
  • Accept credit, debit, EBT, stored value cards and coupons
  • Periodically and/or randomly, flag a customer receipt for marketing specials or customer surveys
  • Handle complex discount scenarios
  • Calculate sales tax through comprehensive rules based algorithm

  • Automatic, unattended end of day processing
  • Cash management that traces cash from point of order to point of deposit
  • Complete system redundancy that maintains point-of-sale and kitchen functionality if back office system fails
  • Centrally manage multiple register programs
  • Electronic journal access via graphical user interface
  • Tracking of tax exempt sales
  • Ability to capture marketing information such as zip code
  • Human Resources management / Payroll Calculations
  • Time and Attendance
  • Comprehensive reporting including support for multi-brand franchises
  • mymessage.net email messaging for intra-office and corporate communications

Panasonic Attune Headsets

Panasonic Attune Headset Drive-Thru Communications System

Attune delivers better digital performance through an expert spread spectrum design. Conventional order-taking systems typically operate on the unrestricted 2.4 GHz band, which can experience severe interference from such things as microwave ovens, cellular phones and wireless network routers (WiFi). Attune utilizes a restricted 1.9 GHz band, with a regulated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) voice technology protocol, for interference-free communications with no FCC fee required. Attune provides exceptional reception and sound quality through the use of true digital packet diversity, virtually eliminating communication dead spots and signal fading. Plus, Attune offers Advanced Digital Noise Reduction to virtually eliminate ambient noise and an Echo Canceller for clearer communications with no background echo interference.

  • Available in two ergonomic and sleek styles, all-in-one (AIO) and belt pack, both engineered for durability in rigorous environments
  • Full day battery, up to 25 hours, charge in 4 hours or less and cannot over charge
  • User-friendly base station makes initial set up and telephone troubleshooting fast and easy – no difficult codes to decipher or look up
  • Program the manager’s headset for additional external device functions, including one-touch activation from the order taker, and receipt of voice prompts to indicate attention is needed in a specific area of the store

Hear from an RDS Customer

Testimonial from an RDS Dairy Queen Customer

One year ago we decided, after 28 years of owning a Dairy Queen, to tear down our Dairy Queen and rebuild it from the ground up. We knew going in that we would have to replace all of our equipment, including our Point-of-Sale register system and Drive-thru system. I had reservations on replacing those two items because they were only a couple of years old. This system was ok, but the software was universal and not written for our franchise. The company that installed this system worked very hard to make it work, but we had constant problems.

Point-of-Sale systems are expensive and more importantly, have to work “all the time” or your business stops. So, if you’re going to spend a lot of money, you’re praying it’s going to help you make money.

I owned a Panasonic system for 15 years (7500 series) so I knew I was getting a quality system. What I didn’t know is the support behind this system. 

The installation went flawlessly, as our installer knew our system and had many years of experience. He was customer friendly and did not want to leave us until our whole staff felt comfortable. So far, I was very impressed.

But, like all of the other equipment I purchase new for this store, I knew that new car smell could easily give me a lot of problems (and did). Getting service after you have purchased equipment does not typically make one happy, as, once you buy it; they don’t want to fix it. (That list is long)

Not RDS. I firmly believe that I purchased a product from a company that puts service first. I did not buy a Cash Register system. I bought a product that took away my biggest worry of my new store. I bought support, and, not just support, the best I’ve ever had.

I wish only that I could have had that support with 10% of the other equipment I invested in.

Yes, I am a happy customer and they exceeded my expectations.


David Thomas Miller

Owner- Tomahawk DQ