TechKnow CTS-1000

CTS-1000 Drive-Thru Timer Stats System

Not just a drive-thru timer, but a complete drive-thru performance system. In the QSR industry, time can cost you money and loss of business. Keep track of your drive-thru's performance with the newest and most simplified system on the market.

The CTS-1000 utilizes clear, concise and simple graphics to communicate information about each store's drive-thru performance. Coupled with Techknow's DTS-1000 drive-thru statistical reporting software, the CTS-1000 gives the store manager the tools to identify road blocks to maximizing drive-thru performance. Additionally, the reporting software gives management at all levels the ability to measure performance factors as they relate to multiple day parts. Techknow's software package is a great tool for setting realistic targets for your crew, tracking their performance and rewarding them for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

The CTS-1000 provides an animated, visually enhanced system that displays all of the "critical" information in a simplified format. At a glance you can identify:

Drive-Thru Timers

  • The number of cars in your drive-thru
  • The time each car is spending at relative points in the process
  • Cars that exceed goals set by day or multiple day parts
  • Potential road blocks to performance
  • The preview loop option gives you advanced warning to prepare for a rush