Techknow Order Confirmation Boards

Techknow OCS-300 Drive-Thru Order Confirmation System

The Techknow OCS-300 Drive-Thru Order Confirmation System is the only system in the industry to use a 17 inch liquid crystal display. This unique feature allows the OCS-300 to display up to 25 lines of text without scrolling. The OCS-300 also displays easily programmable full-screen POP graphics enticing your customers to purchase items directly at the point-of-purchase. It is also 100% viewable, even in direct sunlight.

Order Confirmation Boards


  • Enhances speed of service
  • Visually confirms order to improve order accuracy
  • Customized direct POP marketing influences sales at the point of purchase
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Allows for multiple marketing opportunites
  • Projects high profile image in a highly comptetitive market
  • Deters employee theft
  • A product with a proven return on investment
  • Fewest complaints in audio clarity in the industry


  • Full color POP advertising
  • Full color pictures of each item ordered
  • Flexible and expandable to grow with technology
  • 23 lines of text without scrolling
  • 25 character text descriptors
  • Rugged Durashell™ cabinet and screen withstands abuse and outdoor weather extremes