Frequent Dining

Digital Dining POS - Frequent Dining

Digital Dining gives you the tools to create and maintain customer loyalty through reward plans while increasing sales in your restaurant. The customer database stores vital customer information that helps you get to know your patrons and their preferences and then create promotions that cater to those interests. You can select customer information by specific interests and print mailing labels for those customers only.

Rich with features and configurable for any type of restaurant, Frequent Diner is the most robust integrated customer loyalty program in the industry. We include Frequent Diner in the Digital Dining Professional suite. For restaurants with multiple sites, we offer Multistore Frequent Diner, which enables customers to use a single reward card to earn and redeem reward points in any location.

Robust Customer Database

Create and maintain a customer database of up to one million records. Restaurant staff can create new customer records in either the Back Office or at the POS. You can also set up a stand-alone Frequent Diner kiosk that allows customers to enter their own information and enroll themselves (new in 7.4.01).

Customizable Reward Plans

Create up to 99 unique frequent diner plans that reward customers based on the dollar value of menu items purchased, the quantity of items purchased, the number of their visits, or by the specific items purchased. Frequent dining customers can automatically progress from one plan to another as they reach each reward level.

Personalized Reward Coupons

You can create customized frequent diner reward coupons, customer status reports, guest checks, and prep tickets that automatically recognize a customer and personalizes the dining experience.

Customizable Reward Options

Digital Dining provides a wide array of customer reward options. The restaurant can reward customers with coupons generated automatically at the POS, coupons printed in the back office and mailed to customers, or store credit that is redeemable for future purchases.

Reward Tracking

Track customer purchases toward specified goals such as a specific dollar amount spent or number of a type of item purchased. Digital Dining’s customizable reports allow restaurants to track frequent dining customer purchases toward specified goals, such as a specific dollar amount or a specific quantity of a certain type of menu item.