Mobile POS

NCR Aloha - Orderman 7 Mobile POS

Radio ordering with Orderman helps to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency in the hospitality industry. This is undisputed. It is also well known that Orderman can help to generate up to 25% more sales. So what's new? Radio ordering is now faster, more reliable and easier than ever before with the all-new 7th generation of Orderman devices – the NCR Orderman7. Benefit from technical features and unflagging spirit of our newest champion. The reasons for the NCR Orderman7’s unbeatable quality: twenty years of experience and a high level of expertise stand behind this device specially designed to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry.


Designed specifically for the restaurant industry


When you hold an NCR Orderman device, you realize this device was made for restaurant employees. With its elegant, flowing lines, ergonomic soft-grip surface and balanced design, the device fits perfectly in your hand…even after hours of serving your customers.

Faster, better service

By putting a POS in the hands of servers and cashiers, employees spend more time on the floor in front of guests upselling menu items, delivering amazing service and more quickly reducing lines or turning tables.

Long battery life

With a dual processor system and intelligent power management, our rechargeable batteries have a service life of up to 18 hours.

Optional MSR integrated into the device

With the ability to add a MSR to the device, your employees can always be focused on your customers, whether they are ordering or paying. Payment data is securely transmitted with high-level encryption.