Software 4 Hospitality Solutions

Software 4 Hospitality Solutions

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General Manager: Brian Strange


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About S4 Hospitality

S4 Hospitality develops and supplies software and services solutions to quick service, fast casual, and table service restaurants complementing the current Retail Data Systems Point of Sale business. The Hospitality industry is filled with incredible operators, brands, and dreamers with business problems to solve and the need for a company to make it a reality. These ideas encompass every possible piece of technology providing a quality experience to customers. The S4 Hospitality team is fast moving, building solutions from these simple ideas to deployment in the public cloud and within the restaurants with the flexibility of a small start-up, providing value where the POS companies and 3rd party partners cannot.

Products and Services

S4 Hospitality is focused on bringing products and services to unlock value and opportunity within your restaurant.

In-Store Integrations – Combinations of software and hardware solutions with integrations between the POS, 3rd parties, hardware devices, and APIs to solve business problems within the 4 walls of the restaurant. The RDS DriveThru Order Confirmation, along with custom kitchen printing and displays in the field today are two of a limitless set of solutions.

Data Collection, Aggregation, Exports – Gathering sales and configuration data from the POS and 3rd parties, aggregating and formatting to customer requirements, and guaranteeing delivery. Also providing REST endpoints for customers where the POS or 3rd party has SOAP or no modern APIs.

Consulting and Custom Development – A software consulting and engineering organization with decades of Hospitality technology experience available to scope, design, and build custom applications and solutions to support your business.