Tabit is a premier restaurant POS and table-side ordering system that streamlines restaurant operations.

  •   Cloud Based
  •   Tableside
  •   Counter Service
  •   Online Reservations
  •   Guest Management
  •   FOH Manager
  •   Corporate Manager

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Sales increases

8-15% Increase in spend per customer

Quicker table returns

12-15% Decrease in table turn time at peak time

Server labor savings

20% Decrease in number of servers needed per shift – with an increase in tips

Order accuracy

80% Decrease in server mistakes

Why Tabit?

Why complicate things? Why work with different vendors and complex integrations which don’t give you the solutions you want? Keep it simple with Tabit. We offer one platform, limitless possibilities.

MobileFirst – Everyone is Mobile

The Online Reservations module uses advanced algorithms to recommend the appropriate table availability based on the guest’s history and preferences to improve their overall experience.

Addresses the entire restaurant ecosystem

Tabit has multiple customer touchpoints and reduces the need for many integration points. It is suitable for any restaurant size.

Business processes oriented

With multiple role-specific workflows, each player in the ecosystem only sees what they have to see, at a set time.

Designed from ground up to be mobile

Leverages mobile best practices. Enables conversational, non linear ordering.