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Revolutionary Retail Identification

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Tiliter uses powerful hardware and software computer vision products to automate your retail processes. Give your shoppers the ultimate checkout experience.

Tiliter Product Features

Tiliter offers an end-to-end product identification solution in supermarkets. Improve your productivity, reduce fraud and shrinkage, and offer your customers a seamless checkout experience, with no frustrating lookup menus.

  • Organic Detection - Tiliter's scales can differentiate between organic and non-organic products
  • Fraud Prevention - Scan&Go and Print&Go Scales prevent incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud
  • Bag Detection - Our scales can detect plastic bags and capture amount of plastic used
  • Continuous Learning - Our technology keeps on learning, meaning performance gets better and better
  • Flexible - Works without constant internet connection
  • Data Privacy - We don't collect or store any data in-store

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Tiliter Accuracy


Our computer vision tech accurately identifies objects without barcodes

Tiliter Flexible


Tiliter scales recognize items in bags or loose and can identify bag type

Tiliter Speed

Instant Recognition

Tiliter Vision software recognizes objects and produces items in under 10ms

Tiliter contacless


Without lookup menus, shoppers select items or print the barcode with one touch

Fast and Accurate Product Recognition Scales

Tiliter Scan&Go Scales

Identify and weigh products automatically with Tiliter’s all-in-one Scan&Go Scale. The system displays a barcode on screen that your customers can scan with their scan and go mobile app. No more frustrating search menus.

An all-in-one scale that automatically weighs and identifies your products. The product recognition software presents a barcode that encodes your store’s specific item information that you can use with existing scan and go mobile applications.

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Tiliter Scales Scan & Go

Tiliter Print&Go Scales

The Print&Go Scale instantly identifies products and presents a barcode on screen. Shoppers simply print the barcode label, attach it to their item and scan it at the checkout.

The system can print a variety of barcodes with any information from your database, such as price and ingredients. Scan the barcode at checkout for a faster shopping experience.

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Tiliter Scales Print and Go

Tiliter Checkout and POS Retrofit

Tiliter software and hardware can be retrofitted to your existing scales or checkouts with the Tiliter Processor and Camera so you're up and running fast. The powerful product identification technology can be integrated into most POS systems in the world.

Checkout operators don't need to remember endless SKU and PLU codes. Tiliter recognises items accurately, reducing fraud. Tiliter software identifies products in under 100ms. Offer customers a faster way to check out

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