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i3 offers powerful video surveillance and business intelligence solutions, supported by remarkable customer service.

With a flexible video surveillance system from i3, protect your location and your bottom-line, while enforcing compliance and mitigating risks and losses.

Our enterprise-grade video surveillance system is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Our business insights module from CMS offers user-friendly data in real-time.

Solutions For:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • C-Stores
  • Retail Stores

Should your security system do more?

POS Integration and Video Surveillance + Ai
Using i3's artificial intelligence to track customers can help to ensure that every transaction happening at your till will be accounted for.

Monitor and Control your Wait Time

When combining Ai with your video system, i3's video system can track the waiting time for your store’s customers.

Reach Your Sales Goals

By integrating real-time data from your POS machine, i3's software can show how employees' performance is affecting the company’s bottom-line.

Secure Cloud Connection

Connect remotely and securely to the i3 cloud platform. i3’s system and its remote connections are secured and hardened against cyberattacks.



POS Integration

i3 Utilizes Pos Systems to Provide Comprehensive and Actionable Information.

The POS data that is used for other counting functions within the system can also be used for exception reporting. Data can be accessed for multiple sites at the same time.

Theft Reduction

POS exception reporting is an indispensable tool in reducing shrinkage, internal theft, credit and gift card fraud, and cash shortages. Cases are resolved more easily and studies have shown that knowledge that such a system is in place deters fraudulent activity.

Quicker Case Resolution

Instant access to the comprehensive data provided enables LP staff to quickly target problems and move on to solutions.


How to understand and perhaps, anticipate the ebb and flow of in-store traffic will serve retailers well as they strategize for staffing needs. Video analytics from i3 will point out over and/or understaffing thus improving the corporate bottom line.

Training Strategies

Knowing that employees perform to corporate standards is fundamental to ensuring satisfied customers. i3’s video analytic system provides factual performance data to either change unsuccessful practices or reproduce those that are successful.


CMS Smart-ER

Manage Your Bottom-line Like Never Before With i3’s Smart Exception Module.

A Loss Prevention tool that brings video surveillance to the next level! CMS Smart-ER is highly customizable and provides real-time information fed from your POS data and video surveillance system to help save you time and money in a short period of time.

Identify Exceptions

An exception comes in various forms; a refund without customer, a price-override, a transaction on hold or a drive-thru with no transaction. With CMS Smart-ER module from i3, the time required to analyze business reports is brought down to a minimum.

The main dashboard identifies the major risk factors and in under 5 clicks, you can drill-down to a transaction and even suspicious behavior s at employee-level.

Stop Small Theft

There has been a time when compiling evidence on internal theft or patterns related to organized retail crime took months. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore with Smart-ER from i3.

Understand where your shrink, food spoilage and small crimes are coming from and take the action necessary to protect your bottom-line right-away!

Heat Map and Region Count

An Essential Tool to Understand Customer’s Behavior.

Maximize the use of your video surveillance systems with user-friendly that allows you to understand your entire business in a different way with heat map and region count from i3.

Heat Map and Traffic Flow

Review at-a-glance the areas that aren’t visited as much and understand the impact on shrink. Maximize the use of high-traffic areas to test new merchandise, move products quickly or drive more high-margin impulse buys!

The sales report tells you how many units were sold but Traffic Flow by i3 gives you the back-end story that includes the potential for sale in any given area and the interest shown by customers for that particular product. Should you reorder this sku? Traffic Flow can help you determine that.

Region Count and Dwell Time

Understand the wait time at the meat and seafood counter or review the time spent in the bakery and create a plan that schedules the perfect number of employees based on the traffic observed in each area.


Solutions for Reopening

We understand your needs.

The effect of COVID-19 on your business, your associates, and your customers this year has been unprecedented. Many of us, including the team at i3 International, have had to learn a new way of dealing with an ever-changing work environment. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and your leadership as we all emerge into what is now being defined as the “new” normal. As a leader you are often charged with being an innovator and a progressive thinker. At i3 we believe we have studied the trends from COVID-19, and we have identified new ideas and continued our trend as an innovator. Whether you are just restarting your engine or adopting earlier to this “new” normal, please read the information that follows to gain perspective and insight.

Contactless Entry

Automating doors along with a solution that integrates with proximity card access. Receiving or visitor doors where cameras and access control can be remotely managed.

Temperature Control, Facial Recognition and Access Control

Employee or visitor temperature check using i3’s Ax19 multi-functional device.

Social Distancing

Video solutions (Ai) that measure the distance between people and using a time threshold to determine if people are maintaining the required 6’ distance.

Portable Hand Washing Station

Video monitoring using Ai (Artificial intelligence) to determine if associates are using them frequently or as needed.

Occupancy Alert System (OAS)

Ai-based OAS is designed to help businesses measure and manage customer traffic control to meet compliance requirements.

Contact Tracing

Applications such as cameras with mobile device alerts that track the number of associates, visitors or customers entering, exiting, or moving throughout locations. This ensures the proper management of occupancy numbers and reduces the cost of employees assigned for manual tracking.

Facial Blurring

Powered through i3’s Ai-based Video Editor technology, this software blurs faces of subjects in video footage and in a few minutes.