NCR Radiant Command Center

Manage multi-site IT operations from a single screen

NCR Command Center is a remote monitoring and diagnostic tool that provides you with unprecedented control over IT operations. Use Command Center to acquire real-time updates on the status of hardware and software. This powerful hosted application enables you to troubleshoot and solve issues rapidly, before they impact site operations and the customer experience.

Instant visibility into system performance

Use Command Center to monitor all site systems in real-time. Receive automated alerts when issues do occur, enabling you to take immediate action.

Rapid resolution of technology issues

Command Center provides powerful support features, allowing remote technology teams to diagnose and solve problems without taking over site servers and terminals. As a result, your business can continue providing exceptional, uninterrupted service to your customers.

Protection of confidential data

Guest and system data are protected with leading security protocols. Maintain your brand reputation by safeguarding confidential data from unauthorized access and exposure.

System design strengthens security

Command Center protects your technology operations with multi-factor user authentication, security alerts and audits, and encrypted, outbound-only communications. In addition, automatic security updates ensure that your systems are always protected against the latest threats.

Strengthened user accountability

Command Center provides leading identity and access management, including several ways for multi-factor authentication - including RSA SecurID devices that identify users and provide a one-time logon code; SMS, app-based, individual accounts, which tailor system and data access to user roles; and audit reports, which identify any actions taken by individual users.

Ongoing updates enhance functionality

Command Center updates security and functionality automatically, synchronizing changes at each site. Ongoing updates give you access to the latest features and reduce the strain on technology staff.

Rapid ROI from hosted support

You’ll reap a high ROI from Command Center by minimizing technology issues, preventing operational disruptions, and thwarting security breaches, which can result in costly reputational damage and high fines.

Key Features

  • Hosted application with real-time monitoring of remote, multi-site server and terminal operations
  • Security protocols include multi-factor user authentication (using RSA SecurID devices, SMS or app-based), centralized user management, security alerts and audits, and outbound, encrypted communications
  • Audit reports detail all Command Center actions taken at a site and which user initiated them
  • Grant users only the access they require to perform their jobs and remove former users instantly to maintain system security
  • Automatic security and feature updates keep system functioning at an optimum level
  • Can be configured for firewall-friendly ports