Secure Payments for Convenience and Retail

Simplify payments processing while staying compliant with ever-changing regulations.

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Payment processing can be complicated for many convenience store operators thanks to payment regulations that are ever tightening, not to mention expensive data breaches and the need to support new payment methods. And even though cash is king in c-stores, all the changes mean you’re facing more liability than before. That’s why we’re here to help you simplify payments and stay compliant.

  • Provide secure transactions with EMV and PCI compliance
  • Let your customers pay via mobile app while you save on transaction fees
  • Process payments across avariety of card networks
  • Simplify payments processing across your enterprise

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NCR EMV Secure Payments

We’re here to help you simplify payments and stay compliant

EMV at the Pump

As more industries become EMV compliant, gas pumps are becoming bigger targets for illegal “skimmers” who can steal up to 100 cards a day with a single compromised pump. Give your customers and your business the security of EMV compliance today, ahead of the deadline, with retrofit kits that work with major pump brands to reduce CapEx requirements.

EMV at Fuel Pump

NCR Mobile Payments

NCR Mobile Payments helps fuel retailers provide their customers with new payment options at the pump to deliver a frictionless shopping experience. Fuel customers can unlock a pump and pay for their gas using a mobile app. You can save on credit/debit transaction fees and can engage with their shoppers by offering relevant promotions and content.

Outdoor EMV Payments

NCR Electronic Payment Server (EPS)

NCR EPS is an integrated, site-level payment processing solution designed specifically for fuel retailers. Acting as the payment gateway for NCR POS systems, NCR EPS helps retailers process payments across a variety of credit card networks, simplify payment processing, and keep current with the latest payment security standards such as PCI and EMV.

NCR Electronic Payment Server

NCR Electronic Payment Controller (EPC)

NCR Electronic Payment Controller (EPC) is a dedicated device designed for running NCR EPS that isolates credit processing from other POS functions without losing the benefits of an integrated solution.

NCR Electronic Payment Controller