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Differentiate with foodservice

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Grow your foodservice business with customer self-service and a robust kitchen production system. You'll give your customers faster service and more accurate orders while encouraging upsells.

Serve up speedy orders, no matter how customized they are or how busy you are. You’ll delight customers and your staff with orders from your pump, self-service kiosks and even third-party delivery apps all routing into your kitchen system in one fast, amazing experience. And it’s a smart way to boost same-store sales.

Promote new items through flash and static graphics
Our kiosks use motion and static graphics for a can’t-look-away display of your best food offerings and highest-margin selections.

Improve speed-of-service
Our intuitive, easy-to-use screens help reduce the number of walk-aways during peak traffic times. Also, our kiosks integrate with your kitchen production systems, speeding up order fulfillment and accuracy.

Remote configuration and management
You have easy, centralized control of all menus. Administrators can ‘walk-thru’ the menus as they are configured, testing on the configuration screen to reduce time and errors associated with lab or on-site testing.

Change your menu by time of day
NCR’s kiosks support time-of-day and day-of-week menus and advertisements.

Get durable hardware you can count on
Withstand the demands of the high-traffic convenience store environment

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Radiant POS Customer Service

Consumer Self-Service

With the Customer Self-Service Kiosk from NCR, you can build unique menus and promote your c-store brand, and create upsell and combo offers to increase order value and revenue. With an intuitive, easy-to-use menu, your customers can customize their order just how they like it while avoiding the line and having a better experience overall.

Did you know people order more when no one’s looking? That’s especially true of self-service ordering in foodservice. But that’s not all. By adding NCR’s Customer Self-Service Solutions, you’ll offer a standout foodservice experience that differentiates your brand while making kitchen production operations faster and easier.

NCR Radiant Customer Self-Service

Kitchen Production System

Kitchen Production System that streamlines all your orders irrespective of where the order comes from, POS, self service or Mobile app. It takes care of order routing to different stations based on demand volumes and tracks speed of service to ensure timely and accurate service.

  • Increase your customers’ satisfaction by providing accurate orders based on their requests
  • Streamline kitchen performance and increase productivity based on gathered data
  • Configure all of the settings based on your kitchen’s needs including screen design, key metrics and sorting options
NCR Kitchen Production Foodservice