Par PixelPoint POS

Par PixelPoint Restaurant Point of Sale

From small independent to coast-to-coast, expect more.

Whether you’re operating a fine dining restaurant, a quick service chain or even a high volume bar, expect to increase your performance with PixelPoint POS software. Expect to enhance your performance and bottom line with a host of industry-leading capabilities, from menu screen customization to perpetual inventory management to comprehensive reporting.

Expect to improve your operation’s performance and bottom line with a solution designed to be amazingly easy to use, brilliantly flexible and rock solid reliable. Empower your people to deliver outstanding service, right out-of-the-box, with fully customizable menu screens, table layouts, and screen flows. And thanks to concise screen layouts users can understand and use more aspects of the software, allowing them to make the best use of your investment.

Want simple POS functionality, sales tracking and time & attendance? Looking for more control with perpetual inventory management or better access to up-to-the-minute comprehensive reports? It’s all at your fingertips with PixelPoint POS software.

Advantages of PixelPoint POS

Your operation must constantly adapt to meet new challenges and serve your customers better. PixelPoint POS can be easily configured to work in any POS environment as your needs change. And our software suite has been designed to work in harmony with any hardware platform and to ensure that all our applications work together seamlessly, eliminating costly product support. Most importantly, PixelPoint POS can help you deliver a rewarding experience for your patrons, as it is simply easier to train your staff on, easier for your staff to place orders quickly and accurately, and easier for your managers to accurately track & compile sales and inventory information.

Expect more from a host of advantages, including:

Advanced Inventory

Manage your food costs and inventory with standard and perpetual features. Accomplish everything from tracking product sales to product usage and inventory usage and easily create and receive purchase orders

Menu Management

Built to accommodate the most demanding of menu layouts PixelPoint’s simplified menu designs make it easy to design unlimited menus for any restaurant environment, sell in, sell out and countdown, or offer more choice by simply adding items instantly.

Membership & Loyalty

Look forward to driving more business from your best customer with strong customer loyalty tools, that give you the ability to track your customers’ usage, create marketing promotional programs, award rewards & manage coupons based on the products they purchase.

Labor Management

Expect to increase efficiency and dramatically reduce overall labor costs by controlling clock-ins and clock-outs, utilizing forecasting tools and control staffing levels.

Credit Card Management

Serve all transaction types, including Cash, Credit Card, Check, Gift Card Redemption and On Account for suppliers. And easily add a new payment solution as PixelPoint now supports one of the newest technologies for processing credit card and debit - contactless payments.


Generate hundreds of comprehensive reports that can help you make smarter management decisions based on actionable information.

Time and Attendance

Keep your labour costs in check and increase employee performance by efficiently and effectively managing your time & attendance information. Our integrated features allow for easy schedule access unlimited shifts and multiple job positions for each employee and tie in any number of security functions to a job position.


No matter how demanding your environment is, our waiting list and reservations solution interacts with our table management features to ensure you can expect an easier more effective way to manage your reservations.

Table Management

Be sure to keep your table turnover high and your customers happy with features like Customer paging, Seat Warning & Table status indicators. Plus, you’ll always know what to do next because with PixelPoint’s intuitive layout, all screens flow naturally and seamlessly between one other, so the next step is always obvious.