Reporting & Analytics

Par PixelPoint - Reporting and Analytics

Expect to make more informed decisions.

With PixelPoint’s powerful reporting tools DataMiner and Crystal Reports, you can generate a wealth of meaningful, easy to read, real time information that can help you make smarter management decisions based on actionable information.

Store Edition Benefits

Now you can have deeper insights at your fingertips with PixelPoint’s DataMiner 4.0. DataMiner goes beyond the capabilities of Crystal reports and can create thousands of extremely detailed reports on a wide variety of topics and can create custom reports for specific parameters.

Report Scheduling

Schedule certain reports to run automatically at any given time of the day, simply by configuring the POS - eliminates the need to physically run a daily, weekly or monthly report.

Report Automation

Take report scheduling one step further and have the report you scheduled automatically sent directly to your management team or off-site head office.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep your team informed as the reporting feature can be programmed to send out a notification or alert based on an amount you have predetermined.

3D Data Analysis

Compare data more easily by transferring your raw data into easy –to-read, clear charts.


Gain a better view on your business by selecting from multiple views, such as Simple or Report, within DataMiner. These new views allow you to easily format your information in a view that translates the numbers into highly useful charts and listings for analytics.

User Centric Data

Focus on what’s important to you. Now every time you run a report within DataMiner you can apply filters to the reports to narrow down the specific information required and exclude the figures you are not interested in viewing at that time.