Online Ordering

Par PixelPoint - Online Ordering for Restaurants

PixelPoint's Web-to-Go software makes on-line ordering easy. It’s virtually as simple as your customers visiting your Web site, placing their order and Web-to-Go delivers it, direct to your kitchen printer.

Web-to-Go lets customers review their past orders, order from their favorites list, as well as specify delivery or take-out service, order times and any special instructions to the kitchen. Web-to-Go is seamlessly integrated with PixelPoint POS. Once an order is placed on the web, it is immediately processed, payment is collected, and order printed in the kitchen.

Expect to expand your restaurant's reach and increase sales with Web-to-Go, a proven, out-of-the-box solution for launching your "e-business".

Online Ordering Advantages

Make on-line sales with ease

Customers visiting your site move seamlessly onto the Web-to-Go order pages, which can easily be customized to match your web site’s colour. Configure your menu using PixelPoint POS, and easily specify details such as hours of order taking, delivery and minimum charges.

Easily manage to increase loyalty

Web-to-Go lets you award points for on-line purchases, redeem points when automatically prompted to use a qualifying coupon, or accumulate points for greater discounts and promotions. Web-to-Go is fully integrated with PixelPoint's client loyalty and membership features, ensuring any marketing program you implement is fully and easily managed by one system.

Increase your order takers productivity

With flexible order taking features, your order takers can process call-in orders at the restaurant, at an order processing center or from home, using any browser, and choose to process their web orders immediately or in advance.

Buddy List Ordering

Web-to-Go lets individuals place their orders on-line and assign a buddy to process and pay for the order at once, ideal for when you are delivering to a group of people at the same location. That way, everyone knows what they ordered and how much they owe.

No additional costs for transactions

There is no need to sign up with any additional 3rd party payment processing sites, as Web-to-Go securely handles all credit card transactions internally through PixelPoint POS.

Better manage inventory levels

Always keep your inventory levels maintained in real time regardless of where the order is generated. It’s easy, as Web-to-Go is fully integrated with PixelPoint's inventory management functions.

Flexible Configuration

  • Supports unlimited number of locations
  • Centralized and de-centralized order taking
  • Compatible with HeadOffice™ Enterprise POS Software
  • Deploy your web menu with ease using PixelPoint BackOffice Software
  • Specify delivery charges, minimum charges and hours of order taking
  • Customizable color screen configurations ensures full compatibility with your corporate web site