Accounts Receivable

Maitre’D Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module of our restaurant POS enables restaurants to manage their accounts receivable and in-house charging privileges directly in Maitre'D. These point of sale solutions allow you to close a customer check in an account receivable file, generate statements and other printouts such as monthly reports.

Better control and accuracy in managing receivables

  • Maintains a complete customer file (address, phone, company name, credit limit, applicable discounts, etc.)
  • Allows to set due dates on statements
  • Ability to set the number days required for the history file of these accounts
  • Search for invoices and invoice details from the POS

Tools that provide greater simplicity

  • Allows using a magnetic cards for customer or member charges
  • Bar code readers can also be used for the accounts
  • View and/or adjust balance from POS
  • Total and tip lines can be added to the receivable check
  • Ability to link customer as a frequent diner in the system
  • Ability to apply only partial check amounts to the account

Maitre'D's complete report center will give the information you require at any time:

  • List of customers & mailing labels
  • Invoice detail search & invoice summary
  • Sales by category & menu
  • Statements and summary statements