Electronic Funds Transfer

Maitre’D Electronic Funds Transfer

Fully integrated transaction processing

The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) module allows Maitre’D to communicate with a financial institution and authorize credit and debit card transactions. By processing transactions using the Maitre’D EFT module, instead of a separate EFT system, typing errors are reduced to a minimum by eliminating double entry. Also, reports can be generated to determine the sales for each credit and debit card type.

EFT Overview

The Back Office manages all authorization requests for the restaurant and only one communication line is required. The accumulation of the credit card data in real time for daily consolidation is configured in such a way as to assure that accounting procedures are completed with the least amount of time required. The Maitre’D Back Office electronic restaurant POS can process up multiple transactions simultaneously.

Secure Transactions

Maitre’D supports most industry standard EFT devices (See our Partner Guide for certified EFT partners). Using a secure Internet connection, transactions can be processed and approved almost instantly, ensuring that guests do not have a long wait to pay for their checks. Moreover, Maitre’D is fully compliant with PA PCI DSS standards.

Flexible Batch Management

All EFT transactions are recorded and stored as batches. Batches can be closed at any time of the day and a multiple number of batches can be closed in one day.

EFT Reports

A number of EFT reports allow restaurants to analyze EFT transactions, such as sales per type of payment and per terminal, the number of returns, and much more in order to help better manage payments.