e-global enterprise

Maitre'D E-Global Enterprise Solution

Every minute is valuable. Fortunately, technology can save you from many time consuming tasks while ensuring greater accuracy. Maitre’D e-Global is a powerful management solution that was built to offer business intelligence to any restaurant chain seeking to streamline operations in their numerous holdings. Offering flexible hardware and software configurations and innovations in database management, Maitre’D e-Global is an ideal solution for any growing business.

Multi-Concept Management

So you have 14 pizzerias, 25 delis and 3 fine dining restaurants to manage? Let e-Global lead the way. Built to communicate information more efficiently, this solution provides detailed reporting on a corporation’s individual units as well as consolidated information on the entire organization. Also, you will surely appreciate its scalability. It is easy to add a new restaurant or even a new concept to your database.

  • Group your restaurants any way you like, for instance by region within each concept, by franchisee, by sales, etc.
  • Detailed or summary reports are available for any location, group of locations, concept, or group of concepts
  • Add, delete or modify a location, group of locations or concept on the fly

Broadcasting & Database Management

Database management has never been so efficient! Unique to Maitre’D e-Global, the flexibility of the broadcasting feature allows the corporate office to send updates to selected locations at the frequency you desire. This feature can help ensure that high quality standards are executed automatically at every level to maintain norms for a variety of items, including recipe measurement, promotions, and new price changes, setting a positive example in every location to enhance your overall corporate image.

  • Send updates regularly to selected locations or all locations
  • Create date-activated files that will automatically update all systems from a central location
  • Employees can no longer accidentally change prices or select a promotion that is no longer valid, thus providing built-in protection against any possible discrepancies

Communications Program

Maitre’D e-Global eases consistent communication between the corporate office and its locations by enabling daily data transfers that are crucial to the long-term efficiency of any-sized restaurant chain. Thanks to Maitre’D’s unique two-way communications system, you can access complete data at all locations while the restaurant automatically checks for and receives updated files – all in their language of choice.

  • Information can be communicated with any Windows-supported device you wish to use
  • Daily data transfers sent to the corporate office automatically and in any desired format
  • The application will only send you requested information, and/or data that has been modified, so you can get a global picture of your business or request any specific details

Report Center

Who doesn’t want to save time? Rather than flipping through endless reports looking for information, Maitre’D e-Global can be programmed to send specific reports to specific individuals. For example, while the Marketing Director receives feedback on the latest lunchtime promotions, Regional Directors can browse through the figures from locations in their district. And more direct access to information means more time to make the decisions that really count!

  • Hundreds of reports are available at any time of day, everyday
  • Reports are easy to customize for the specific analysis of any one concept, area, restaurant, or transaction
  • Reports can be exported to any desired format
  • Specific reports can be sent automatically to selected individuals

Online Versatility

Whether you need to send updates to shareholders across the world or wish to publish interesting trends on the corporate website, transferring the information from the database to the world wide web is effortless with Maitre’D e-Global. Use our export function to save generated reports in HTML or to attach a file to an email without having to exit the application.

Off-site Backup

To ensure the integrity of user records and customer information, numerous security features have been incorporated into Posera’s corporate software solutions. With daily incremental off-site backups of complete restaurant databases, Maitre’D e-Global ensures total reliability and efficiency.